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  1. 1. Golden Visa in Portugal
    The “Golden Visa” is a resident’s visa granted to a non-EU/EEA citizen (and his/her immediate family members) who makes an investment in Portugal. Five years later, the investment may be disposed of and a permanent resident’s visa obtained. And at the end of the 6th year Portuguese citizenship may be applied for, subject to knowledge of “basic Portuguese”.
  2. 2.Eligible family members
    Upon application, Golden Visas to be also issued to your following family members: Spouse or partner, the quality of partner having to be proved under existing law; Under-18 year old children, or over-18 dependent children, as long as the latter have enrolled to study in Portugal (any course of studies); Dependent parents of either spouse or partner; Under-18 year old siblings of either spouse or partner if legally under their supervision.
  3. 3. Golden Visa benefits
    Permanent free entry and circulation in the Schengen Space, the EU and the EEA. Freedom to live and/or work in Portugal (or not), while keeping another residence (if so wished). Option to become a “non habitual resident” of Portugal for tax purposes (little or no tax for 10 years). Access to Portugal residents’ rights (education, recognition of diplomas and qualifications, having a professional activity, healthcare, social security, trade union protection, the law and the courts of law)
  4. 4. Investment choices
    1. Real estate A minimum investment of at least €500,000 in one or more properties of any type, anywhere in Portugal, for any purpose, singly owned or in co-ownership. 2.Capital transfer A transfer to Portugal of at least €1 million, which may be kept as a deposit or invested in any Portuguese securities, whether publicly or privately traded. 3.Job creation Setting up or acquiring a business which creates at least 10 new permanent jobs in Portugal for over a year.
  5. 5. Investment structure
    The investment may be made privately, whether singly or jointly, or through an EU company. In the case of a company, the relevant amount will be that of the paid-in shares in a Portuguese company or else the pro rata of the capital allocated to the Portuguese branch of an EU company. If investing in real estate through a company, the investment should not be less than €1M. The minimum investment amount (but only this amount) must be kept free of any charges.
  6. 6. Golden Visa timeline
    - Year 1 - Make your investment, obtain your Golden Visa, spend at least 7 days in Portugal. - Years 2 to 5 - Renew your visa at the end of Years 1 and 3, spend at least 14 days in Portugal each year. - Year 6 - Obtain a permanent visa (and dispose of your investment if you wish) at the end of Year 5. No minimum stay requirements apply from then on. - Apply for citizenship at the end of Year 6 (but you must master some basic Portuguese).
  7. 7. Required documents
    If applying for a Golden Visa, you must bring the following when you first travel to Portugal: Passport and Schengen travel visa Certificate of criminal record Proof of residence (driving licence or utility bill) Health insurance policy (this may alternatively be bought in Portugal) Documents that are not in Portuguese or in English must have a certified translation by a translator approved by a Portuguese Consulate
  8. 8. Your first visit to Portugal
    During your first visit to Portugal, you should: - Obtain a tax id number and a certificate of no debts to the Portuguese state; - Open an account with a local bank; - Choose your investment(s); - Instruct a lawyer to act on your behalf; - Be interviewed by the border agency. Don't worry Phoenix golden will take care of that.
  9. 9. Within 90 days of your visit
    Within 90 days of your first arrival in Portugal, you must: - Transfer the investment funds to your Portuguese bank account; and - Submit your Golden Visa application (this will be done by Phoenix golden on your behalf if you are a client). Your family members’ application may be submitted at this time or at a later date. Within 72 hours, the border agency will validate your application and your visa will be issued within a couple of weeks
  10. 10. Government fees
    The Portuguese government charges the following fees in respect of the Golden Visa: - An application fee of €513.75 per initial and renewal application; - A visa initial issue fee of €5,135.50 per visa holder (50% of this in the case of under-18 y.o. children); - A visa renewal fee at the end of years 1 and 3 of €2,568.75 per visa holder
  11. 11. Property purchase taxes
    Property Duties: - Stamp duty at 0.8% of the transaction value; plus Property transfer tax, which varies according to property type, status (rehabilitated properties may be exempt) and intended use, but is typically as follows: - 7% less €8,163.12 on a property value of between €172,348 and €287,213 -8% less €11,035.25 on a property value of between €287,213 and €550,836 - 6% on a property value over €550,836
  12. 12. Professional charges
    On the investment in real estate, Phoenix golden provides a full service of the highest quality, while charging the most competitive fees in the market. Our assistance encompasses all the bureaucratic, legal and practical aspects of your investments and of your Golden Visa application and renewals, plus, if required, assistance with any needs you may have as a Portugal resident visa holder. If you want to know more, please email Phoenix Golden on [email protected]
  13. 13. Ongoing costs
    After you obtain your Golden Visa, there may be ongoing costs to be taken into account, namely: - Visa renewal fees, as detailed above, plus possibly professional charges in connection therewith; Correspondence handling in Portugal; -Property annual tax at between 0.3% and 0.5% of the official value of urban property (different rates apply to other property types); - Income tax, for example on rental income, plus possibly professional charges in connection with handling your annual tax returns.